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  Use our Custom Naming service when you can't find a Top Name that meets the branding needs of your company, product or service. In Custom Naming,® will bring together a global team of expert linguists, copywriters and trademark attorneys to create a name to your precise specifications.
This is how it's done.
Fill out the Custom Naming Quote Form, stating the usage for the name. Within 24 hours, you'll receive a fixed fee quote, a Custom Naming Agreement and a Briefing Form.
The fee varies according to the languages, trademark classes, countries and domain name registrars you want us to cover, and is payable only if you wish to use a Custom Name we present.
Sign and return the Agreement and pay the non-refundable order fee of USD 2,000. This will entitle you to review the Custom Names we've created, but not to use them in any way, nor present them to any third party.
Then fill out and return the Briefing Form, giving us details on your business, competition and branding strategy. This is crucial to understanding your naming needs, and is always followed up with a phone interview.
Within ten business days of the briefing, presents a list of twenty Custom Names, created, evaluated and tested to meet your naming requirements.
All Custom Names are cleared for linguistic, identical and domain name conflicts in the languages, trademark classes, countries and domain name registrars you've selected, and are explained linguistically and displayed typographically for easy evaluation.
If the Custom Names meet your expectations, simply pay the usage fee quoted in our offer.
LexiTrust®, our worldwide network of trademark attorneys, will then conduct a full Clearance Search for up to five Custom Names of interest in the classes and the markets you've selected.
With the Clearance Report as the final confirmation of the name's registrability, choose which Custom Name you wish to use. then will cede all intellectual property rights to the name.
In the unlikely event that LexiTrust® finds none of the five Custom Names to be registrable, will refund the full usage fee, except for the cost of the Clearance Search.
Finally, to register your new Custom Name as a trademark, let our worldwide LexiTrust® network help.