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Make no mistake about it. Globalization is the most powerful driving force in branding today—a force that fundamentally affects how brands must be created and built.

The immediate effect on your brand is that your name must now perform across linguistic borders. A global name not only must be ownable throughout the world, it also must be constructed so that people in different languages will pronounce, spell and, ideally, understand it with ease. Above all, a global name must be free of negative or inconsistent meanings that can impede international marketing.

LinguaTrust® is's network of linguistic professionals around the world. From the vantage point of their own cultures and native languages, these correspondents screen all Top Name candidates for negative meanings and major phonetic obstacles in fourteen languages—including the world's ten most prevalent business languages spoken by well over half of the world's population:
SpanishClassical Greek

Our LinguaTrust linguists also play a crucial role in Custom Naming assignments by generating and linguistically screening new names in virtually any major base language the client has requested—like Bongrain® in French, Cittadello® in Italian or Allianz® in German. Our linguists advise us on sound symbolism, the science of how certain sounds and letters convey specific meaning, and they help us identify cross-language morphemes that have similar meanings.

LinguaTrust provides you with assurance that our Top and Custom Names are created with professional linguists at hand and that they're cleared for linguistic liabilities in key markets.