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Unor Unor®, a uniquely short and memorable brand name, is composed from the Latin unus, for one, and a suffix denoting an acting person. Its meaning: unitor. At the same time, the name contains the root nor for north and northern, making it also geographically meaningful. Finance; Geographical; Industry; Technology
Sundron Originally conceived for a solar thermobattery, the Sundron® name works equally well as a company or product name, in a number of industries. Sundron is an Old Saxon word, meaning singularly, uniquely, independently, and obviously can be read also as a combination of the word sun and the Greek neuter suffix -on, found in numerous scientific words, such as neutron, positron, hadron and silicon. Industry; Media; Services; Technology
Finansica This extraordinary brand name stands out in the crowded field of financial brand names, with its authoritatively simple meaning that which deals with finance. It is offered in all three spelling variations, Finansica®, Financica®, and Finanzica®.  Finance,,
Offshoria For a company in the expanding offshore industry, be it finance, technology, or manufacturing, Offshoria® is an exceptional global brand name. With its Latin -ia suffix, an ending common for geographical names, such as Caledonia, Croatia and Umbria, Offshoria® also implies an offshore haven. Finance; Geographical; Industry; Services; Technology
Juventure With vencap firms in our mind, we created Juventure®—a beautiful name derived from the Latin words iuvenis for young and ventura for venture. Finance
Esthetia Initially created for a cosmetic IPL/laser center, the Esthetia® brand name is combined from the word esthetics, meaning science of beauty, and the Latin feminine -ia ending. It can be acquired with or without the variants Estheta®, Esthetea® and Esthetis®. Consumer; Health,,,
Cosmolite Like Esthetia®, the Cosmolite® brand name was initially created for a cosmetic IPL/laser clinic. Based on the words cosmetic (from Greek cosmos meaning beauty), and lite, an alternative spelling of light, Cosmolite® makes clever use of the dual meaning of light treatment, while also associating to cosmopolite and cosmopolitan. The brand name is apt for a similar medical clinic. Consumer; Health
Aktia A truly great brand name, Aktia, derived from Latin actio for to do, lead, drive, manage, act, and related to Swedish akta for care and aktie for stock, is available in selected markets only.  Consumer; Finance; Health; Industry; Services; Technology,,
Chartia A very concise and memorable name, Chartia® is created from Latin charta for card, map, roadmap, and so fits, for example an advisory or consultancy company. Consumer; Finance; Geographical; Industry; Services; Technology
FashionLeague FashionLeague® is part of's collection of League brand names. To see the complete list, choose Collections in the Categories list. Consumer; Collections
Nexene Nexene®, created and registered for pharmaceuticals, is aptly based on the Latin word for to bind, cure, heal. Health
Fundron Custom created for an automated investment fund, Fundron® is based on the Latin word fundatus for foundation, and the Greek neuter suffix -on, used in numerous technological and scientific words. Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Aspirette Conceived primarily as a product name for health and medicine, Aspirette® is created from the French aspirer, to breathe, and the diminutive suffix -ette, both of Latin origin. Consumer; Health
Branea Branea®, combined from branes, a basic concept in cerebral string theory, and the Latin feminine -ea suffix, also cleverly associates to English brain. Consumer; Finance; Health; Industry; Services; Technology
Citair Traceable both to the Latin word cito for fast and civitas for city, Citair® can be read both as fast wind and city wind. For a focused airline, an apt name. Consumer; Industry; Media
Stringia Stringia® is based on the word string, as in string theory, and the Latin feminine -ia suffix. Industry; Services; Technology
Novact This short and succinct name, Novact®, composed from the Latin novus for new and actus for action, means new action. Health; Industry
Modelleague Modelleague® is part of's collection of League brand names. To see the complete list, choose Collections in the Categories list. Consumer; Collections
Xirant Semantically meaningless but simple and euphonious, Xirant® contains sounds that in sound symbolism analyses are perceived as fast, strong and masculine. Health; Technology
Prebank What's the name of the innovative, new top bank? Prebank®, of course. With its Latin prefix denoting first, foremost, leading, it's a simple name for a great bank. Finance