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Brand Name Etymology and Comments Industries Domains Ranking Price
Kraftia Kraftia® is a simple and memorable hybrid construction combining the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Scandinavian word kraft for power, might, strength, art, skill, craft, trade, work, and the Latin feminine suffix -ia. Consumer; Finance; Health; Industry; Services; Technology
Pendron Pendron® combines the Greek word for five, penta, and the Greek neuter suffix -on. Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Arithmica Based on the Greek word for number, arithmos, and the Greek suffix -ica, denoting ownership, Arithmica® can be translated as that which deals with numbers—a name suitable, for example a digital or financial consulting company dealing with numbers. Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Superica Superica® is created from the Latin prefix super for over, topmost, superior, and a suffix denoting ownership. Its meaning: that which belongs to the top. Finance; Industry; Media; Technology
Bowgrace Bowgrace® is the ornamented figure that in former times embellished the bow on ships—for beauty and for guidance on dangerous journeys. Etymologically, grace comes from the positively charged gratia, meaning grace, favour, influence. Consumer; Media
Tellant Derived from the Anglo-Saxon verb tellan, meaning to calculate, compute, account, consider, tell, Tellant® at the same time associates to the Scandinavian words tal and tall for number. Finance; Industry; Media; Services; Technology
Viveron The phonetically strong Viveron® is created from the Latin word vivo, to live, and the Greek suffix -eron denoting action. Health; Industry
GalleryLeague GalleryLeague® is part of's collection of League brand names. To see the complete list, choose Collections in the Categories list. Consumer; Collections
Cittadello A Cittadello® is the Italian word for citadel—an elevated castle that in former times functioned both as the center and stronghold of cities. Consumer; Finance; Services
Fructia Fructia®, the Latin word for fruits, really means something to take delight in. Consumer
Citagon A brilliant name derived from the Latin cito for fast and ageo for acting. Indirectly, it also associates to Pentagon, but is phonetically more powerful. Finance; Industry; Media
Independica Independica® is based on English independence and the Greek -ica suffix denoting ownership. Consumer; Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Allientus Allientus® is an ally in Latin. Finance; Services
Equitheon A superb brand name for any masterfully index-beating fund manager, Equitheon® can be translated as equity god. It derives from the Latin word eques for horseman, knight, and aequus for even, uniform, just, and Greek theon for god. Finance
Allicore A typographically strong name combined from the English word alliance and core, both of Latin origin. Allicore® also evokes the Latin word allicio, to attract, allure. Finance; Services
Infinor Infinor® can be read as a combination of infinity, from Latin infinis, and the geographical root nor as in north or Nordic. With its infix root fin, Infinor® also associates to finance. Finance; Geographical; Industry; Media; Services; Technology
Faktia Faktia® is a most simple and memorable hybrid construction combining the Germanic and Scandinavian root of fakta for facts, and the Latin feminine -ia suffix. Consumer; Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Mercorona The memorable, typographically distinct Mercorona® name is composed from the Latin word merus for pure or genuine, and corona, the golden wreath bestowed upon distinguished citizens of Rome. At the same time, the name contains the root merc for trade and finance, manifest in English derivatives such as merchant and coronation. Finance; Services
Folkia Combining the Germanic and Scandinavian root of folk or volk, for people (as in Volkswagen, the peoples' car), and the Latin feminine -ia suffix, Folkia is an apt name for products or services for the people. It comes with the domain, and is available in selected markets only. Consumer; Industry; Media; Services; Technology,
Panact Panact® is based on Greek pan for all and Latin actio for to do, lead, drive, manage, act. Consumer; Finance; Health; Industry; Services; Technology