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Brand Name Etymology and Comments Industries Domains Ranking Price
Meritance The combination of merit and inheritance gives Meritance®—a company obviously qualified not because of what it has inherited but because of what it has accomplished. Finance; Services
Canadica This beautifully alliterative name means that which belongs to or stems from Canada—in the same way as for example Britannica®. As a geographically rooted name, it's virtually limitless in scope. Geographical
Precedant The present participle of the Latin praecedo is Precedant®, meaning he who precedes. Services; Technology
Dagrand In Swedish, dagrand is a poetic word for dawn, combining the word dag for day and rand for crescent. As a brand name, Dagrand® at the same time has a distinct French flavor. Consumer; Finance; Industry; Media; Services; Technology
Unilogy Typographically beautiful, Unilogy® derives from the Latin unio for union, and the Greek logos for reason, word, logic. Finance
Capitect Originally conceived for a financial services consultancy, Capitect® is based on the Latin word capitalis for stock, property, capital, and the Greek word tect for builder, as in architect (meaning master builder), thus meaning capital builder. Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Montect Montect® can be read as a combination of Latin monetas for money, and Greek tect for builder (as in architect for master builder), thus creating the meaning money builder. It can equally be seen as derived from Latin mons for mountain. Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Instrumentica Derived from Latin instrumentum for tool, and the Greek -ica suffix denoting ownership, Instrumentica® clearly associates to instrument and instruct. Finance; Health; Industry; Services; Technology
Criterica Criterica® is based on the Greek word kriterion, meaning means for judging, standard, from where the English word criteria also stems. Consumer; Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Capfact Capfact®, originally custom created for a risk management and financial services consultancy, is suitable for any company working with capital. Finance; Services; Technology
Garantica Garantica® is based on English guarantor and the Greek -ica suffix denoting ownership. Consumer; Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
Stringene Inspired by the vocabulary of string theory, Stringene® was created as a brand name for a futuristic company working in the crossfields of string theory and genetics. Health; Services; Technology
Hyperwide For new companies and services in broadband and streaming media, there are solutions that are wide, very wide and . . . Hyperwide®. Media; Technology
Mathemator An evidently technological name, Mathemator®, created from the Greek verb mathemos, to learn, literally means he who acts from a knowledge perspective. Industry; Technology
Cellogica Created for the expanding biotech sector, Cellogica® is derived from the English cell and logic. etymologically, the morphemes stem from cellum for small room, and logos for reason, word, logic. Health; Technology
Mundica Mundica®, that which belongs to the world, originates from the Latin word mundus for world. With close derivatives in the French monde, the Spanish mundo and the Italian mondo, it's a truly global name. The name comes with Geographical; Industry,
Tresica English treasury and French trésor both originate in the Greek word thesaurus with the same meaning. Tresica® stems from the same root, and means that which belongs to treasury, a fitting brand name for a financial services company. Finance; Industry; Services; Technology
S-Theory Although more generic than branded in character, S-theory® can readily be used for any activity related to the science of string theory, and might one day replace Ed Witten's current M-theory as the standard name. Industry; Services; Technology
Acumia This name is based on the Latin word acumen for tip, peak and the Latin suffix -ia, a common feminine naming form. In English, there's the identical word acumen. Finance; Services; Technology
Celagon Celagon®, created from the Latin celer for fast and the Greek agon for battle, competition, also associates to the equivocal cell in English, making it an apt name for the technology and biotech sectors. Health; Industry; Technology